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  • Download proxy switcher standard for payment or use the free one – the choice is yours!

    Robert D. Helm I like to communicate with some people in Internet, by posting some message on forums. I have few favourite ones and prefer posting there for some time. But one day I had a problem: one of users had different opinion and we started to shout each other. Moderator saw that and made me warning! Why?! I was right! I told stupid moderator that the one he must warn is my opponent! He banned me! I think they were friends with that man or something like that, but the fact is – he just banned me! But I like that forum. I have a lot of friends there and we often talk through private messages. I had to find out how to back to that forum from my computer passing the IP ban of that stupid moderator! My brother told me a decision – the proxy servers. But it is too difficult to use them: I must to have some soft and programmer skills for doing that. But I said to myself that I won’t surrender! Suddenly, I found a program for managing the proxies. All I need – to download proxy switcher standard, but it has 26$ cost! I wasn’t ready to pay for doubtful software and I started to search programs like that. Few hours passed, and at last… success! Another proxy switcher, which is not requiring payment was available! So nice! That was some kind of windows proxy software, which is allow to easy use proxies at any time. And it is totally free! And it has an access to the base of the best proxies, which can be used for any reason! Wow! That was totally WOW! Using premium proxy switcher I’ve accessed the forum and wrote to my friends that I have a new account, but still with them. They were very happy! Me too! Thanks to premium proxy switcher – he helped me to manage proxies and to access forum, where I’ve been banned. Great thing!
  • Web proxy software – make it fast!

    Ronnie B. Esquivel We often need fast anonymous connection, while surfing the Web. I usually play some online games through the proxy-server – it allows me to use different characters in the game process. Finding effective proxy-server, which will provide high speed connection is a very difficult task! Yesterday it took me about 45 minutes! One of my clan neighbors gave me the advice to use web proxy software to optimize my connection speed. That gave me some great advantages! There are a lot of programs that can be used as a proxy controller on your PC. For example an internet browsers or something else, but they aren’t show enough efficiency in the process. You know, some of them are slightly slowing your connection speed: your PC starting to think a lot about what is happening. It sounds funny or silly, I don’t know but it is what it is – really uncomfortable thing. To optimize the process of my online gaming I had to use the very nice program - Premium proxy switcher. This one is absolutely free and provides fast… very fast connection to the proxies. It is easy to use and additionally it has a list of proxies in instant access – nice thing for those people, who don’t like to search proxies for hours. When I saw that I was completely impressed! Wow! The process of proxy switch download is very simple and it contains a few mouse clicks. You don’t need to enter any codes, send SMS or something else: when you click the download button – you get the soft and that’s it! When I had to use it for first time I was completely surprised with such a wonderful process of getting the program. The interface, functional and all the other things are looking great and I can surely say that Premium proxy switcher is a pretty nice way to control your proxy connections!
  • Want to change proxy server? Make it easy and quick!

    Donald K. Jaeger One time I had some bad news: my proxy-server, which I usually use, lay down. You know it doesn’t walk to sleep or got bored… no… someone just shut it out. I had to change the proxy-server or I had a risk of sitting without an Internet connection! Of course I didn’t want that! So I’ve started to search the way I can change proxy server. This task, you know, is not too easy – after 3 hours surfing I’ve found only one working proxy. It provided me “record” speed – 2 Mb/Sec. That was too slow! I didn’t know what to do and called my friend Mike, which is a system administrator in a large office facility. After a short talk I’ve understood, that I been searching not too good thing. Mike proposed me to use Proxy switcher premium, which is providing an extra control of all proxy connections you need. This soft is usually using for anonymous surfing web: it’s providing fast proxy connection and allows user to change proxies at any time. He warned me, that there is only one program free – Premium proxy switcher and the other ones required some pay. I didn’t want to pay, so I’ve found the free one and quickly downloaded that. There was s thing, which Mike hasn’t warned me. That was really a good surprise for me – a proxy servers VIP list. Unbelievable! I can now choose any server I want and they are all working correctly and fast! How could it be!!! This is awesome, you know! So, if you want the easy way to change your proxy-server or to establish fast proxy connection pay attention to the proxy managers, which are the great way to surf the Web! I’m using Premium Proxy switch and it’s extremely functional and free. This two things are the most important in any soft, don't you think so?
  • Proxy program download is the best way to get a free proxy server manager

    Paul V. Jackson Proxy program download is one of the ways to get the soft, which will allow you to manage proxy-servers easily. We need to use proxies for many reasons: for anonymous surfing, to have an access to closed sites and else. One time I had to enter Cuba’s national site where the information about governmental structures are located. The problem was that the access to that site is allowed only for Cuba’s citizens. I was located in Mexico that time so I had to find the way cite to think that I’m in Cuba. All that I need to do is to find Cuban proxy-server and enter the site! Finding Cuba’s proxy is a very difficult task, but after few hours passing I’ve totally found it. The problem was that my browser didn’t want to connect to that proxy! That was true problem. I’ve been needed to find some proxy manager, which will allow me to connect easy and fast. One of such soft is proxy switcher, but it’s requiring some pay… as I thought… I’ve found the program, which is called proxy switcher pro and it required some pay for its downloading. I’ve continued to search: I didn’t want to pay and finally I’ve found what I’ve looked for! That was Proxy switcher premium – totally free and completely working program! Additionally it gives an access to the base of working proxies, including Cuba’s servers! That was so great! I’ve entered Cuba’s governmental site and looked for some persons, which I’ve been needed for my high school article. I’m not a spy… just a student!
  • Switcher proxy – your way to connect!

    Andrew B. Taylor I like to play online games through the internet: they are allowing me to feel the atmosphere of the ancient world, to participate in clans or other game structures. I have a lot of experience in this kind of games, so I developing my character for a very short time and it became stronger and faster. I like to fight other players – it’s very interesting and gives a lot of fun! One time I’ve killed (not naturally) one of other characters and the player started to say that I am cheating and using game bugs. That’s false! I didn’t ever think about cheating the game. But player continued to say that I’m cheating and promised that he will contact game master. Some time have passed and I had a private message from GM. He said that I’m a cheater and my IP address will be banned forever. That was shock! I can’t believe that experienced GM may ban me. But unfortunately he did it… he totally banned me! I had to enter that server again and tell the GM that I’ve been banned mistakably. I’ve been need to use the proxy-server to change the IP address! I’ve already knew that there are some soft, which allowing to manage proxies easily. One of the programs is switcher proxy, that can be used to change IP address. I had to find something like that to get the access to the game server. In one hour I’ve found the program premium proxy switcher that can give me abilities to control proxy connection. I want to say that this one is totally free and that is very nice, because it doesn’t require any payment or something like that. If you downloaded it – you use it and that’s it! Anonymous surfing free is a very hard task, but I was happy that I could make it! Easily I’ve connected to proxy and made my login into game. I’ve contacted GM immediately and said that there is a mistake, I’m not a cheater and asked to get me access to game. Other GM understood me clearly and in a few hours I’ve already played with my main account. Thanks to premium proxy switcher I’ve sold the problem and successfully entered the game!
  • Premium proxy switcher is the only proxy switcher freeware

    Felix M. Baker There are a lot of programs for the proxy-server control. One of them are more functional then others, but there are a lot of soft which are requiring payment. This is not too good. One day I had to download proxy manager for anonymous surfing. I’m not a hacker or something like that I just wanted to have some fun and joke my friend, which has a nice thematic site. I wished to find the program, which will allow me to connect proxy-servers easily, choose the one what I need and then connect again. When some time passed I’ve found elite proxy switcher pro - the nice program (as I could understand from its describing) allowing user to manage proxies fast and easy! The only problem – this one is not a freeware and required me to pay 25.99 $ for downloading. I had a Web money account so that was no problem to buy it. That’s true, it has solved my problems. One day my friend Matt visited my house and we were surfing together. At the moment we needed to surf anonymously so I’ve decided to launch the program and begin to look for server. My friend was truly surprised; he said that his proxy manager has an access to the proxies’ base. I asked ironically: “May be your program is the freeware?”; “Yes” - he answered. How could it be? I had to pay money and my friend didn’t??? “What is the soft name” – I asked. He said that soft called Premium proxy switcher and it is not just free, but allows user get access to the proxy-servers’ database. What a shame for me! I want to warn each other – don’t make my mistake! Download only proxy switcher freeware which is Premium proxy switcher. Don’t even look on other products – they are not just expensive, but not too functional!
  • Proxy switchers – nice way to get the connection!

    Kenneth D. Ball Cannot connect to the proxy-server! Do you often see messages of this kind?! I did, but when I’ve started to use proxy switchers my problem has gone forever! I use proxy-servers in my internet connection. My provider requires it to use for a high speed Internet connection. It is very often, when I’m trying to enter foreign websites, I can’t enter them because of my proxy-server. One day my friend Davis gave me an advice - proxy switchers. Proxy switchers are some kind of soft, which allows user to connect any website he wants! Easy and fast! I haven’t believed him, when he told me this for first time. Davis gave me the program name, which is Proxy switcher premium this program gives me a chance to get fast connections to multiple proxy-servers. I haven’t any problems with my connection right now. But… that’s not all! My speed of proxy connection increased! That’s totally fantastic! I couldn’t even imagine that proxy managers can increase the connection speed! Additionally Proxy switcher gives you an access to the proxy servers’ database. There are a lot of different proxies, which are allowing you to connect whatever you want! This base is accessible during 3 days from the moment of download, but if you order for premium proxy switcher VIP code you can use it forever! I received my code at the moment, because I don’t need to search for a free proxy every time I need the connection. So I think everyone is agree, that Premium proxy switcher is the best soft for the proxy management!
  • Free proxy switcher – all you need to controlling proxy-servers!

    Craig J. Shepherd I like to sing very much! I’m not a professional singer, but I learn to thing, making a lot of exercises for my voice. It is important for every singer to record some songs and to listen to your voice on record. It gives understanding of voice’s weak and strong sides, motivates you to practice. Standard Windows soft aren’t allows me to make a fine records so I’ve bought the professional recording program. Some time has passed and I did know that the program I am using has a new version. I wanted to update mine, but it wrote me “Proxy-server mistake! Change proxy-server and try again”. I had to find some soft for proxy management in the Web! I’ve found the program which is called free proxy switcher. There are a lot of non-free soft of this kind, so stay patient and look for the free one. I’ve found it, so you can do it too! The free version of the proxy-server control program is called Proxy switcher, which is universal program for managing proxies. This is while using that program I have completely updated my sound recording soft. I’ve made it nice and easy and now I have a new version of my program! I can record the song of mine and analyze my sound picking technique and other singing attributes! If you’re looking for freeware proxy software then Premium proxy switcher is all you need. This program is very nice and allows you not just control your proxy-servers connection, but also gives you an access to the proxy database! It is so sweet, isn’t it? You don’t need to pay for this one – it is totally free!
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