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* Premium Proxy Switcher is absolutely FREE software!

Premium Proxy Switcher could help you with following:

  • check the speed, type and other specifications of given proxy server right on your PC
  • remove used proxy server from the proxy list for the specific period of time (excellent for hit counters)
  • select best proxy server by rating, if you are beginner in the proxy world
  • import proxy servers from the web page, from the text file or from our VIP zone
  • enable or disable proxy server usage with single mouse click
  • setup certain proxy server with single mouse click
  • select random proxy server from the available list with single mouse click
  • quickly and easily remove dead or slow proxy server from the proxy list
  • sort available proxy servers by country, port or rating
  • use hotkeys for the faster program's command execution
  • automatically refresh proxy list or select random proxy server

Show all advantages of using Premium Proxy Switcher

  • Advantage #1: Premium Proxy Switcher allows you to hide your IP address.
    Got blocked, restricted or even banned on any forum, classified or download sites? No problem, with help of premium proxy switcher you will solve these problems like cracking nuts
  • Advantage #2: Premium Proxy Switcher allows you to check search engine results from different countries.
    Just change the proxy in the proxy switcher and see the new results of major search engines related to your 'new' country
  • Advantage #3: Premium Proxy Switcher supports all browsers.
    Looking for a proxy switcher working with your favorite browser? Premium Proxy Switcher works with the best browsers, the likes of: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Opera and the list is countring
  • Advantage #4: Premium Proxy Switcher is created on 'apple level'.
    Got tired with other proxy switchers having numerous strange functions which you never need and it makes your teaching difficult? With premium proxy switcher is different, you will be able to use the software as soon as you download it. You won't need to read manual to start. Everything is intuitively done
  • Advantage #5: Premium Proxy Switcher allows to change proxy settings on fly.
    Everything happens very fast. By pronouncing the word "proxy" takes more time than switching proxy in the Premium Proxy Switcher.
  • Advantage #6: Premium Proxy Switcher only requires one click to enable/disable/switch proxy.
    Exactly, one click, nothing less. Just one click and a new proxy goes onto your browser
  • Advantage #7: Premium Proxy Switcher has unique build in proxy checking engine.
    Don't you miss it! Just add unlimited proxies, hit the button to check and you’ll get the list of working proxies sorted by speed, country, ping and other very useful options for everyone
  • Advantage #8: Premium Proxy Switcher has non agressive and non bothering design.
    After you load your proxy list the proxy switcher will be minimized to the icon tray of your Windows. All further actions like disabling, enabling, switcher and so on will be done from the tray. Awesome, isn't it?
  • Advantage #9: Premium Proxy Switcher increases your work productivity and money.
    Do you remember those times when you had such huge proxy lists with almost dead proxies? How many times and effort have you spent on that? With Premium Proxy Switcher it just takes a very little time when making a "sweet" proxy list from huge full of garbage proxy lists and thus you spend less on proxy management and can focus more on your work. Less tedious means more money
  • Advantage #10: Premium Proxy Switcher allows you to run usage history for every single proxy.
    Did you use a certain proxy and now you don’t? Do you want it to disappear from your proxy list? No problem, just mark it and you won’t see it within the next 24 hours
  • Advantage #11: Premium Proxy Switcher can sort proxy servers by country, port and even by rating.
    From now on, the usage of proxy servers on Premium Proxy Switcher becomes even more comfortable. Sort your list by country or by port and if these options don't matter to you, use the rating option to browse only under the best proxy servers.
  • Advantage #12: Premium Proxy Switcher may run under your own local proxy sever.
    Yeah! Don’t you miss this! With Premium Proxy Switcher you can make a proxy chaining and even more whether first proxy server requires authentication which is also supported. It's a mind killing feature!
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