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  • Automatic proxy switcher: there is no reason to pay!

    Arthur H. Clarke I like online games: they are giving me a chance to feel the features of ancient world, fight and trade with other people. It is very easy to play these games while using more than one game character. The second one can assist main hero, give him support or just help in some fights. When I tried to register second character game system denied registration and showed me the message “Your IP address is already using on game server. More than one character for single IP address is not allowed”. How could it be?! I saw a lot of players using more than one character and they are probably passed the registering process. I had to find out how to change my IP address to register another character! I’ve looked in the Internet and found the way to change my IP address for some time. Smart program, which is calling Automatic proxy switcher allows to manage proxy-servers and provide access to multiple sites and its features. I’d like to try it to solve my problem but it requires some money. The cost is not too big, but I have no web money or something like that so I continued to search effective program for managing proxies. The next one, which I have found is the premium proxy switcher, which is absolutely free and has the same abilities! Additionally it has a bonus for users – the popular proxy-servers list. Using this program is very easy: in a few minutes I’ve changed IP address and registered another game character. Having two characters is very good for game… but the premium proxy switcher is so good, so I can create as many characters as I want! Such a beautiful thing! If you have any problems, same as mine, or you simply want silently enter any sites, remember the program, which will help you to solve your problems - Premium proxy switcher. You won’t have any questions about how this thing works or how to change proxy: everything you need is done by the geniuses, which have created this nice soft!
  • Want to download proxy program for free? No problem!

    Matthew S. Nesbitt I’ve been playing guitar for 3 years and in my opinion I am not too bad guitarist. I learned hard and I took all the information about the guitar notes and scales from the guitar forum in the Internet. One day I’ve read a few topics of forum and been ready to exit, but I saw a horrible thing! The guy created the topic, which was calling “Manowar – sucks”. Such an impudent fool! Manowar is the great band; they are the fathers of Heavy Metal! I immediately entered the topic and wrote that guy that he is stupid whimp, if he thinks that Manowar sucks. In 5 seconds I’ve been banned for insulting the users! That was so sad! Now every time I enter the forum I see the text “You have been banned”. I know how to play guitar, but there is a lot of guitar tabs and exercises for technique which I may need in my practice. I must find the way to enter the forum at any cost! I was surfing the Internet searching the way to change my IP address – I think this must help to walk across the ban. As I read, there is a very easy way to change IP address and to do that, I must simply download proxy program. I’ve found that there is an excellent one, which is calling proxy switcher. Proxy switcher is the soft, which is very useful when you need to use proxies. It is totally free and additionally has a list of most popular proxy servers! It is very easy to use: in a few minutes I’ve passed the ban and learned new guitar solo! I must warn you, that there are a lot of proxy manager types. When I was looking for these programs I found out that there is the free one – premium proxy switcher and another soft, which is requiring payment. For example, the elite proxy switcher - is not allowed to use without registering it for money. I don’t think you want to spend some money for the soft so this may help you. Remember: only the premium proxy switcher doesn’t require any payment!
  • The reason to download switch proxy

    James L. Prindle There are a lot of effective soft in the Internet. We may wish to download them at any reason. But there are few attributes of good soft: it must be free; it must get the goals which it is created for and it must have an understandable interface. One of these programs is the proxy manager, which is called proxy switcher. To get it you must, for example, download switch proxy or one of others proxy switchers. Yes, there are many types of these soft and the most useable one is called premium proxy switcher. It helped me one time to establish Internet connection through my friend’s computer. Me and my friend living in high-rise building and we have our own network. We decided to do that to play games and to talk with each other but one day Sam (my friend) established Internet connection. I asked him is there some way I can connect internet through his PC. He answered that there is proxy-servers, which are allow to use remote computer for access to Internet, but it is hard to manage them. Fortunately, Sam is a good programmer and knows a lot of things about the soft which I haven’t even heard. He told me to install switchproxy for establishing connection to his computer. The program’s full name is Premium proxy switcher. Sam had found this one in Internet easily and said that this kind of proxy switcher is doesn’t require payment and additionally has a list of a popular proxies, which are very useful for people, working in the Net. He created his own proxy and with help of the proxy switcher I’ve established connection to his PC and could use Internet not having the one. Such a nice thing!
  • Want to know how to manage the proxies? Download proxy programs!

    Gregory T. Casanova I like to play online games. There is a big interesting game world and a large count of players online. One day I wanted to try something new and downloaded one of the popular online games, which I haven’t tried yet. Everything seemed good but when I started to login I saw the message that players from my country is not allowed playing this game. Is it real? How could it be: “not allowed”!? I went to the game’s forum and created a topic about what countries are in the playlist. Moderator answered that only players from UK are allowed. Other ones must to use proxy. I asked him how I may use proxies. He answered that I must download proxy programs or something like that to establish proxy-server connection and then I could play the game. I’ve spent few hours for searching the programs for proxy and fortunately found the one. That was proxy switcher premium which, you know, is a very good soft. First of all – it’s free. Yes, it is totally free. There are not too many effective soft which is useful and free at a one time. Very nice feature of this program is the proxy-server list. I’ve used the one for UK and totally logged the game! This is wonderful! That was too easy! Playing the game I’ve met a lot of people which are not from UK. They are using different proxy programs. One of players told me, that he had to pay 15.99$ for program called elite proxy switcher professional. He said that this one is very nice, but why to pay money if you can use the same soft for free? I asked him about what proxy-server he uses. He answered that he is searching for free proxies every time he wants to play. It is good, that the premium proxy switcher has a list of free proxies which can be used at any time instead of searching them in the Internet!
  • Switch proxy: get the connection!

    Christopher C. Const I live in Belorussia and I like to communicate with my friends from other countries. Usually we talk via an e-mail or Skype communicator. I know that there are Russian social networks such as or, but, unfortunately, citizens of Belorussia aren’t allowed to use them. One day I’ve found the decision which is the using of proxy-servers. Proxy-servers can mask your true location and allow you to visit the foreign sites, which are blocked in your country. I’ve read a lot of information and found out that the best thing I need to establish proxy connection is the Switch Proxy. Proxy switcher is one of the most useable programs for proxies management. It allows you to choose and connect to any proxy-server your want. But there are a lot of different soft which can also help the man, which is working on proxies. One of my friends prefers to use Proxy switcher standard. But Proxy switcher standard download requires some payment through web money or any other pay system. I prefer to use the free soft for managing proxies which is calling Premium proxy switcher. The program itself is totally free and allowed to download from any point of the Earth. It is while using this one I’ve easily entered from Belorussia. I’ve made it in five minutes! The search of the free proxy server is a very easy task when you use Premium Proxy switcher. It has additional option which allows you to enter the base of best proxies which provide very speedy connection!
  • Want to hide yourself? Use proxy utility!

    Joseph R. Wadley There are many reasons for person to hide the presence in some point of the Internet. The best way to do it is to use proxy utility. Proxy-servers allow you to mask your connection to any site by changing your external IP address. This can be used any time you want to joke with someone or to do some job, which is requiring silence. I have a girlfriend Jane who has her own web-site it the Internet. She is a very talented artist and has a lot of her patterns in the site. It is very likely for her when someone writes a good comment or put a high mark for her paints. Jane’s site is programmed thus the one person can write only one comment to some of her patterns and to vote for the mark only once. One time Jane painted my portrait and placed that on her site. The pattern was very good and I wanted this one has a highest mark! I changed my IP address using the proxy switcher and wrote five different comments and placed five star mark to my portrait picture. That was a highest mark on her site! I’ve entered from five different IP addresses, using the software proxy freeware which is calling Proxy switcher premium. Yes, the program is totally free and doesn’t require any payment for download! It took me five minutes to change proxy-connections: Proxy switcher premium gives instant access to the proxy-servers database, which has a list of free proxies and allows choosing the one you need easily. So, if you need to silence your presence on any site in the Internet, just use Proxy switcher premium and you’ll be as glad as I, when Jane called to me and said that my portrait is the most popular thing on her site!
  • Want to manage proxies easily? Download proxy switcher!

    Anthony S. Edwards My Internet provider gets me high speed Internet connection through the proxy server. Everything was OK, but one time I needed to change my IP address while surfing the Internet. The problem is the Internet browsers and other programs begin to work unstable while using more than one proxy connection. I had to find the way to establish two proxy connections: the one to my provider’s proxy-server and then to the free one in the Internet to hide my presence. I’ve read in the Internet that the best way to manage more than one proxy is to download proxy switcher and use it for providing connections. Proxy switcher is some kind of proxy-servers manager. It allows you to connect any proxies you want from different countries. The proxy programs download is often requires some money to be transferred to the developer. But I’ve found the free one – Premium proxy switcher. Premium proxy switcher is one of the best programs for proxy control, allowing user provide connection through more than one proxy-server. It is an easy tool which is not requiring any programmer skills or knowing this kind of software. It is maximally friendly to its user and providing a lot of different options which are very useful for proxy control. Once I’ve downloaded Premium proxy switcher I’ve forgot any problems of connection more than two proxy servers. The speed of internet connection hasn’t even decreased! Premium proxy switcher not just a perfect tool for proxies, but it also has an access to the best proxies’ database! That’s very nice thing, isn’t it?
  • Proxy programs - silent access to any site you want!

    Norman A. Whitlow There are a lot of situations, when we must access the site from the different IP address. For example to have unlimited downloads from the file-servers or when we need to hide the personality of entering user. Changing external IP address is very difficult: it requires contacting system administrator and an internet provider and asking to do some operations. We can do it once… twice… but what if we need to do it multiple times? The easiest way is the proxy servers and proxy programs, which are allowing to use them. Of course, we can use inner proxy manager in internet browser: I tried that, but it has very low efficiency, so I want to tell you about how to enter any site anonymously with using proxy switcher Once I wanted to download a lot of files from rapidshare, but I had a 1,30 hour block between two different downloads. The good way to pass this one is the premium proxy switcher, which is the proxy-servers manager. The program is totally free and as a bonus has a list of most effective proxies. It is very easy to use the software so I’ve downloaded about 20 files from rapdishare without any problems! My friend has his own site and he blocked my IP, because he knows that I may screw something as a joke or something like that. I decided to enter his site silently by using the premium proxy switcher. That was too easy! I wrote big “HA-HA-HA” on his title page and subscribed: “Jeff”. This little sly kitten now knowing that there is no way he can avoid my presence. Premium proxy switcher – the best way to use proxies!
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