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  • Free software proxy switcher – an excellent proxy control

    Eli A. Talbert I am a musician and I very like to play piano. I usually play some famous songs and my brother Justin sings them. We like to participate in some musician competitions and we usually send the records of our songs to different musicians’ websites. One day a very popular web portal started the voting for some of its compositions. Our song was there and we had to win! I called all my neighbors and friends and they promised to login and vote for us! Me and my brother voted too (certainly for our song) and tried to vote more, but it is only one vote for one IP address available. So for more votes we must change our IP address… but how to do it?! We looked for the answers in Web and my brother found out that proxy-servers may be our salvation! We need the proxy manager and found the software proxy switcher! This program allows user to connect any server he wants without any problems! Nice decision! By using this program we voted for 20 times! After the first voting stage we were on the first place with 11 voice handicap! Thanks to proxy switcher we placed first on this voting. But we had received not too good prize – a box of sweeties. This made our victory really sweet. Free proxy switcher premium has solved all of our problems. But I have to warn you that there are a lot of non-free soft of a proxy switchers. Many of these programs are requiring some payment. But if you don’t want to pay then download free proxy program premium proxy switcher – that’s all you need!
  • Free program proxy – make it happen!

    Samuel C. Normandin Free program proxy is a nice way to get the control of your proxy servers. All started when I’ve been banned on one of my favourite forums. This one is about weightlifting: I like it because I usually visiting the gym and going for some sport. I like to feel strong and prefer to go heavy. I am visiting forums because there I can communicate with other weightlifters and to learn about how to increase the strength and other methods of training. When I was banned I decided to login from another IP address and to write administrator that I have been erroneous banned. I need to find some proxy controller in Internet to connect proxy-server. After short surfing I’ve found a nice soft for managing proxies - Premium proxy switcher. This is a very nice program, which is allowing you to manage the proxies easily. I’ve connected to the proxy-server at the moment and then accessed the weightlifters’ forum and wrote to the moderator. I have explained my problem and he was agreeing to disable the ban. If you want to download proxy software then you must find this program in the Web. But be careful: The Premium proxy switcher is a free one, but there is a lot of soft that are requiring some pay for its download. You don’t need to pay for that one, right? So go to the Web, find Premium proxy switcher and then use it to your pleasure! It will give you an access to the list of VIP proxy servers additionally for three days! This is very nice feature, isn’t it?
  • Freeware proxy switcher – your way to download fast!

    Edward L. Godby I like fishing very much. It is not just a fish catching, but it is a lot of time spending in the wood or lake, while fishing. And it is a good chance to impress your friends, when you show to them some fish, which you’ve caught. I like to watch the fishing video in the Web. It gives me some experience and tells how to catch more effectively. One time I’ve found the video, which is detailed one about catching a shark. I thought that shark is impossible to catch! I had to see that video! The problem was that the video has been divided to the twenty parts, which were allowed to download from the server in the Web. The single download allows user to acquire only one part of the video. Other parts are available only in 2 hours after first download! It will take me 40 hours to download the whole movie! I can’t wait so long! I had to find the way to change my IP address and to download all parts of this movie! I called my son, which was good at the programming. He said that I must to use the proxy-server to change external IP address. But I’ve been need a program which will allow me to manage proxies. He told me that there is one, which is a freeware proxy switcher. As he said, this one can allow me to manage proxy-servers easily and to download the film in short time! That’s very good! I’ve downloaded Proxy switcher and installed it to my PC. After what I’ve easily downloaded the rest parts of the movie, thanks to proxy switcher! If you’re looking the way to download files from server for short time, try Premium proxy switcher. This one is a free soft and can be downloaded from everywhere by anybody! My son warned me, that in the Web I can find some links, which are allow to download proxy switcher standard. This program not too good and requires some payment. You don’t need to pay, right? So stay patient, look for free proxy manager, as a Premium proxy switcher!
  • Windows proxy software – right choice for the webmaster

    Hans P. Stover When entering the Web you always have the external IP address which is uncial for all people in the Internet. But some people don’t even know that there are the ways to change this IP. When you are a webmaster and you need to look for your website through the web searching system (Yandex or Google), you may need to change your IP address. When you will decide to do this you’ll need to use proxy server. One time I had to manage my website without risk of being banned in Google. Mastering the website is very hard task, you know. So I had to find the proxy server, connect in and look for the searcher results. It took me a lot of time to manage the proxy and then entering the website, so I’ve decided to use some windows proxy software for using proxy-servers. This is the soft which allow you to connect proxies easily and to choose the ones from lists in the internet. But I’ve found really good one, which can give you an instant access to proxy database for three days. This one is called Premium proxy switcher and created especially for your proxy control. That one gave me what I need. If you are webmaster and you need some proxies in your work, then try to use strong>proxy programs. They will certainly help you in your work! But be careful, there are a lot of non-free soft, but if you will look attentively you will find the free ones. There are not to many of them. I know only one – Premium proxy switcher. Use this one and you won’t be mistaken!
  • Premium proxy switcher – the free proxy management

    Winfred V. Flynn I am a designer and I use some programs in my work. One time I had to install very large soft on my PC. It can allow me to make the work faster and qualitatively. When I’ve passed the first stage of installing program wrote that it requires proxy internet connection. I did not know what to do: I had never used the proxies before. When I’ve started to surf the Web and look for some information about how to use proxy-servers effectively, I’ve found out that there is proxy managers, which can allow person to choose and connect proxies easily. All you need to do is to download the soft and to pay for its registration. But I did not want to pay… I’ve started to search more and more and after while I’ve found the soft which doesn’t require the pay – premium proxy switcher. Premium proxy switcher is a nice proxy-servers manager which can be used not only for installing the soft, but also for anonymous internet surfing, managing the websites and other. By using proxy switcher I had successfully installed the soft, which is required for designer’s work. While searching the working and free program I’ve found some soft which is requiring some payment. One of these program is automatic proxy switcher which is the premium proxy switcher analogue. With some difference: Automatic proxy switcher doesn’t give you an access to the proxy-servers database and it, as I’ve already said, requiring you to pay for its use. I prefer to use more effective and totally free software, and you? The choice is yours.
  • Want to know how to change proxy? Download proxy program!

    Stephen S. Gonzales There are a lot of people asking about how to change proxy. Well, there aren’t easier way to do that by using proxy managers! I like to drive the car and I can surely say that cars are my hobby. I very like to see sport cars and read their characteristics such as power of an engine or value of gears and others. I have a favourite website in the Web when I can read a lot about cars and to place my information and articles about some machines that I like. But one time I’ve as usually placed and article to the website and went to my work. When I’ve came home I had horrible news: my work account on that website was banned! The problem was that I’ve placed too much pictures in the article. Moderator warned me by the private message, but I was unable to see it, because was working on my job! I had to find the way to enter that website and to tell administrator about what happened. I had to use some proxy managers to change my IP address and then to enter the website. I’ve started to search the program, which will allow me to control multiple proxy-servers: I had already connected to the one providing my internet connection. I’ve shortly found what I need – the completely freeware Premium proxy switcher. That program allows user to connect as many proxies as he want. And yes, using that one, I’ve completely logged to the cars’ website and wrote the message to the moderator! If you’re in such a situation and looking for the decision, all you need is to download proxy program. When you’ve done that, you can do any operations with proxy servers you want. Enjoy!
  • Switcher proxy – your way to make it fast

    Michel J. Bail My name is Colin and I live in a small village. My families are working on the big farm and I prefer to help them sometimes. When I have nothing to do I like to surf in the web for sometime or to play online games. The provider in the place doesn’t allow using high speed connection, so I have to use proxy-servers while using the Web connection. It gives me very low speed but I think this is enough for such a weak provider as mine. One day I’ve been visited by my brother, who studies in Dallas. His occupation is a chief-accountant and he works a lot in the Web. He advised me the thing which will make my connection fast - switcher proxy As I knew, proxy switcher is program which allows controlling multiple proxy connection. That is irreplaceable thing for ones using proxies. While installing that one my connection speed increased twice! That’s too great! But that’s not all! I have to say that premium proxy switcher is totally free. This one doesn’t require any registering or sending your contact data. Once you’ve downloaded it – it can be used. It has very understandable interface and allows making the operations intuitively. And it additionally gives you an instant access to the proxy-servers base, which is a nice proxy servers list. As my brother Martin said this one can be used for anonymous surfing free. I don’t need that one, but I think somebody will find this feature very useful! There are so many goals, which can be achieved with this soft!
  • Premium proxy switcher is same as elite proxy switcher but free!

    William K. Shively I am a webmaster and I usually need some proxy servers for my work. Not just for parsing web-searchers without being banned or passing some captchas, but for site voting operations and working on their rating. For a long time I had a lot of problems with my proxy-connection. There were a lot of disconnections while working: then I had to find another proxy server, which can be used without any doubts. So I’ve decided to contact my friend John through the ICQ chat and ask him some advices. John was a system administrator in a large office. When he heard my problem, he told I can purchase elite proxy switcher in the Web. This program allows managing proxy-servers easily, even if servers are unstable and working not too good. Purchase?! Isn’t there any way I can acquire it for free – I asked. He said that there is some free soft in the Web, but it is hard to find. He was totally wrong! Very shortly I’ve found the program, which is called proxy switcher premium, that is better than elite proxy switcher and totally free! Additionally it gives user an access to the proxy-servers database, which allows you to use working proxies every time you connect! Such a great thing, isn’t it?! So, if you are webmaster and you looking for free soft for managing proxy-servers then use Premium proxy switcher. You don’t need proxy switcher standard or another soft, which is requires some payment. If you think the paid version is better you’re wrong, don’t be silly, download Premium proxy switcher and forget about your connection problems!
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